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Makeshift is a co-working studio, experienced community, and events space built for designers to connect and grow.


co-working studio

Join Makeshift to work from our studio located in the heart of Brooklyn. We've built a space for designers who enjoy the flexibility of remote work but miss the creative energy of working alongside friends and peers they respect.

12 Desks

Tall windows provide natural light and ample space to spread out.

5 Phonebooths

Jump on a call in one of our individual meeting rooms.

2 Lounges

Take a break, grab a drink, and kick back on our comfy couches.

conveniently located

Bikeable and a five minute walk from nearby subway stations.

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experienced community

When you work at Makeshift, you'll sit next to world-class designers who've worked for the world's biggest tech companies. Whether you're looking for design feedback or tips on the best approach to solve a problem, Makeshift helps you hone your craft by tapping into our member's experience.

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Makeshift Members

What's it like to work at Makeshift?

Maheen Sohail
Product Design Lead @ Facebook

Makeshift has made the struggles of working in a remote team a lot easier. Having recently moved to NYC, it has enabled me to quickly connect with talented designers and be more productive at work. Their 'after work' events have also been phenomenal in providing inspiration and expanding my network.

The team running Makeshift makes me feel really comfortable in the space, and encourages me to own it as my own. They've already inspired me to push my ideas further and further my creative goals.

That's really kind! Thanks so much

Barton Smith
Principal Designer @ Spotify

Makeshift has provided me with a beautiful and much needed space where I can design in a collaborative environment and be surrounded by the energy of other people who are working through challenging problems. This allows me to get out of my head, pull in support when I need it, and joke around with some super smart people.

Thanks, B!

Steph Engle
Product Designer @ Snap

Makeshift Mentors have the experience to get to high-quality answers quickly, but the humility to know there is probably a better solution. It’s an environment that creates a real delight in revisiting and outdoing your own ideas.

The designer who will excel at Makeshift is someone ambitious, who wants the bar for design to constantly be moving. Also, someone who wants to have a great time; they are not only super talented but also some of the most fun collaborators I’ve worked with.

Aw...thanks, Steph!

Christophe Tauziet
Head of Design @ Alto

I’ve become a better designer and design leader by partnering with Makeshift.

Any designer who’s aiming to expand their skillset or learn how to think outside of the box and be ahead of the curve will benefit a ton from working at Makeshift. They're among the best designers in the industry and are excellent mentors, who have nurtured incredible talent around them over the years.

The immense raw talent and experience of Makeshift Mentors combined with their complementarity and coaching skills make this one of the absolute best opportunities to learn from in the community.

We really appreciate the kind words!! 😭

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events space

Makeshift easily transforms from a co-working studio to whatever you need it to be. Want to host a movie screening, throw a dinner party, or teach a yoga class? Become a member to host your own events in our community space.



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